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Tour to Ferrari and Lamborghini factories in Italy Tour to Ferrari and Lamborghini factories in Italy

Ferrari & Lamborghini Factories

A visit to sports car factories and museums

Tour Program

This tour will give you the unique opportunity to spend an unforgettable day among the stars of the engines: Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Your wonderful day experience will begin when you are picked up at your hotel or villa and taken on a scenic drive across the Apennines and the Po river valley comfortably seated in a luxury vehicle with an English-speaking driver.

Maranello is a small town in Emilia Romagna, which is known as the land of engines and sportscars. In this lovely town food is delicious food, the pace of life runs slowly and calmly, and this calm is broken by music and the unmistakable roar of the engines of Ferrari cars. It is right here, in the headquarters and historic factory, that these famous cars have been produced since 1947.

The first stop will be at the Ferrari museum for a visit. This museum was officially opened on Enzo Ferrari’s birthday on February 18th, 1990, a year and a half after the founder had passed away. It is divided into themed areas designed to fulfil the expectations of enthusiasts of all kinds, from motor racing fans to historic car experts. The Ferrari museum has an exhibition area of 5 main halls (the competition hall, cittadella Ferrari and formula one, the victories hall, the grand tourer hall and the temporary exhibitions hall) as well as the Ferrari Store, the bar, driving simulators and photo point.

At the exit, there will be the chance to take a Ferrari or Lamborghini test drive!!

After this interesting visit it is time for lunch! You will thus be able to taste dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients of the Emilia Romagna region at a restaurant located at walking distance from the museum.

In the afternoon, you will move to Sant'Agata Bolognese, home to the Lamborghini factory. You can visit the Lamborghini Excellence Center and, if you would like, you can also have a guided tour of the Production Line!

Visitors entering the factory have the opportunity to see the first station of the production department, where motor components such as crankshafts and camshafts are hand-made from a single, solid iron block. You will then see the assembly line of the Gallardo LP560-4 and follow, step-by-step, the making of a super sports car: from the body shell to the interior and the mounting of Lamborghini’s acclaimed V10 engine. Depending on the day’s production schedule, visitors can instead witness the handcrafted creation of a Murcielago LP 640 and its awesome V12 power plant.

At the end of the visit, visitors will walk along the upholstery department, displaying a vast amount of colored hide sheets. Here, according to customer specification, all leather used for interiors is cut by a high-tech, computer-aided machines, which sort it according to three different levels of quality, avoiding waste of material; the leather is then manually stitched together. All areas such as seats, dashboards, tunnel and interior panels will be then covered by hand.

Admission Fees

The entrance costs for the guided Lamborghini Museum and Factory tour is 40.00 € per person (to be paid by the clients on site).

The entrance costs for a self-guided visit to just the Lamborghini Museum is 13.00 € per person (to be paid by the clients on site).

The entrance costs for the Ferrari Museum is 15.00 € per person (to be paid by the clients on site).