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Sightseeing day tour to Rome and the Vatican City from Tuscany Sightseeing day tour to Rome and the Vatican City from Tuscany

Ancient Rome

Day tour to Rome and the Vatican City

Tour Program

This is a chance to discover the ''Eternal City'' in comfort and style as a private chauffeur drives you around the city revealing the beauty, splendor and history that makes Rome so unique, and leaving you with free time in the day to explore the city at your leisure.

This tour allows you to jump back in time and feel the atmosphere of the city that has dominated the world's history for more than twenty centuries! You'll be able to understand how Romans lived, discovering the places where they used to crowd, strolling among masterpieces of the best architects and sculptors of all times.

Experience the Coliseum where the gladiators once fought, considered by many to be the most fascinating architectural wonder of all time. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain before walking up the Spanish Steps, right above one of the city's most famous and glamorous piazzas, Piazza di Spagna. You will see the Pantheon, considered the best-preserved structure of the Roman era and one of the world's greatest architectural archievements. You'll fall in love with Piazza Navona, a gorgeous open space filled with sculptural fountains, such as Bernini's Fontana dei quattro Fiumi.

Before leaving Rome and heading back to your hotel or villa in Tuscany or Umbria, a visit to the Vatican City may also be part of this wonderful excursion, depending on your time constraints.

We can recommend a licensed tour guide, who will lead and explain you more in detail the history of the attractions we will visit and the local culture by telling you little curious anecdotes.